Sweet Tooth…

I like to bake.  It makes me happy.  I love to see the reactions on other people’s faces when they eat something that I’ve baked.  It’s a sort of opposite Schadenfreude…get pleasure from other people’s pleasure.

I should really call this Everything But The Cake.  I’m not a cake person.  Cake is ok.  But sometimes, you just get too much of it.  And I haven’t really tasted a frosting that I couldn’t live without.  I know, blasphemy to some of you!  I don’t expect that I will go into the world of cakes here (although I have been known to make a delightful rum cake, and all of its variants thereof), but there definitely might be a cupcake recipe or two along the way.

I have a tremendous sweet tooth.  Luckily, my fiance also suffers from the same affliction!  We found ourselves buying a package of cookies from the grocery store often enough for me to start going through all the recipes that I have collected over the years (and I have a lot), and start experimenting.

So, I will try to post a new recipe every week along with pictures and commentary on how it goes.  Please leave comments, suggestions for new recipes, etc…



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