Chocolate Cake in a Mug!

Because sometimes, you don’t want an entire cake…just a little.

Scott had gone to work.  Empire Strikes Back was on (my favorite of the Star Wars movies).  It was a Friday night.  I wanted chocolate, and I’ve started to become addicted to Pinterest.

Damn you, Pinterest.


What You Need:

4 tablespoons flour

4 tablespoons sugar

3 tablespoons unsweetened Cocoa powder

3 tablespoons skim milk

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 egg

¼ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon baking powder


And Here’s What You Do:

Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and pour the batter into a normal-sized coffee mug.

Now, here is where it gets tricky… The consistency of the cake should be cakey AND gooey. To get this consistency, it will take anywhere from 50 seconds to 1 minute and 15 seconds. It all depends on your microwave  Start with 50 seconds, then check the consistency. If it is too gooey for your taste, then cook it another 10 seconds.

Also, be sure to have your spoon and a side of ice cream and/or whipped cream ready to go as soon as it’s done! It continues to cook in the mug after it’s done, so it tends to get dry as it sits. No good…

What I did:

I used 2% milk to start.  I don’t think it changed it at all.  I started with the 50 seconds, and then kept adding 10 seconds until it reached the point of looking like a fresh piece of chocolate cake.


I’ve made a recipe like this before, having it turn out pretty much the same as it did this time.  I liked it when it was nice and gooey and warm right out of the microwave.  As it cooled, it got a little on the dry side, until I reached the bottom, which was oddly gooey and still kinda warm.  I didn’t finish it because it made a sizable amount.  I could definitely see sharing it with another person and serving it with ice cream (this could also help to cut the sweetness.  It gets a little intense.)

I need to make this for Scott (since I heard about it all weekend that I didn’t make one for him).


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